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A little bit about myself


My name is Ryan Wissow.
I was born on November 26th 1974 in Chicago, IL.
I grew up in Florida.
I became interested in contact sports at an early age.
At first, I was unable to find any boxing gyms,
so I got involved in martial arts. 
Eventually, I found the PAL boxing gyms and I began my
amateur boxing career in 1990.
I had 12 amateur fights from 1990 to 1994, running up an
amateur record on 10-2 with 8 KOs. During this time, I won
the 1990 South Florida Silver Gloves at 112 lbs, and in
1993 and 1994 I won the Badlands Challange Super
Lightweight Title [open-style fighting competition] and 
successfully defeneded my title.
I turned pro in 1997 and I have a professional boxing
record of 4-1 with 4 KOs.
I have worked in the gym sparring many rounds with the 
best male AND female fighters in thew world. 
I became interested in female boxing in 1992 when I was
living in Daytona Beach, where I sparred regularly with
Christy Salters, who is now better known as Christy Martin.

Other female fighters who I've sparred with are:
Lena Akesson, Belinda Larauente, Karla Redo, Michelle Linden, and many others.

I collect boxing matches on videotape as a hobby.
I have thousands of fights on videotape,
of both men and womens fights.
One of my tape trading partners in Colombia introducd me to 
Luis Bello, and in July 2000 we founded the WIBA, 
the Womens International Boxing Association, 
which is recognised as the biggest and most respected 
sanctioning body in womens boxing today.
I can be reached anytime at: